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Torso @ Programme Skate 1/20/19 Quick little show Adam from Revelation Records set up for their latest release.  Torso Torso Torso Torso Graf Orlock Graf Orlock Graf Orlock Skullcrack Fuga


Terror @ Programme 1/14/19 Terror Terror Terror Terror Like It Or Not Like It Or Not Initiate Big Takeover DRK BLU

Rotting Out

Rotting Out @ 1720 Warehouse 1/11/19 The return of local heroes Xibalba and Rotting Out. These are the kinds of family gatherings I love. New and old friends alike moshing and diving. I even got a dive in or two... Rotting Out Rotting Out Rotting Out Rotting Out Rotting Out Xibalba Xibalba Xibalba   The Beautiful Ones Criminal Instinct DARE Built to Survive


Dangers @ Programme 1/5/19 Sold out show at Programme. Second show of the year and second one at the skate shop. I was bummed I missed Entry since the place was too packed. Andrew does what a lot of older HC statesmen fail to do, he has a new band that is good and relevant with Berthold City. Plus I always love shooting Dennis. If you don't know me by know I'm a sucker for emo bands like Lifetime so I was definitely excited to see Shook Ones. It's weird, I know I've seen them before but there is no proof. AKA no photos by me. Dangers headlined. I knew this was going to be a fun one. How much fun could yet another Dangers show bring, you ask. Enough for me to set my camera down and dog pile onto the crowd and sing along. Certain songs always get me in the mood for a good stagedive... Dangers Dangers Dangers Dangers Shook Ones Shook Ones Shook Ones Berthold City Berthold City Berthold City

Iron Curtain

Iron Curtain @ Programme 1/4/19 First show of the year, and it's at my favorite place Programme!  I wanted to see Dangers and Shook Ones at the Hi Hat too but since the same show was coming to Fullerton the following day I decided to check out my friends new bands.  Iron Curtain Iron Curtain Iron Curtain Out of Body Out of Body Forewarned Forewarned Rotworld Rotworld


Initiate @ Rec Center 12/23/18 Record Release for one of my favorite bands right now, Initiate.  Don't know why but this line up changed a few times. I'm just glad it still happened. Nice little spot in the seedier parts of LA.  It was fun having my old boss of Ambassador Records come out and hang out.  Initiate Initiate Initiate Wise Wise Jinx Jinx Entry Soul Power Construct