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ALL @ Azul Tequila's (Las Vegas) May 2011 Saturday as the Punk Rock Bowling weekend began there was some afterparty shows. The one that I could not pass up though was All and Down By Law show at Azuls. Not only was this going to be my first All show in probably 15 years, it was going to be with all 3 singers. YES. it's true,  Dave Smalley, Scott Reynolds and Chad Price! So I ventured out into the desert for an incredible night. I missed the rest of the festivities, biggest one's that I regret being Descendents and Cock Sparrer but the All show was a blast and well worth the drive back the same night, when the show ended at 3 in the morning too.  Dave Smalley did 5 songs, while both Scott and Chad had full sets of their classics. Suprisingly the highlights for me was Scott doing the songs from Allroys Revenge... All (Dave Smalley) All (Chad Price) All (Scott Reynolds) All All All Down By Law Down By Law Endless Monster


Foundation @ Aladdin Jr. May 2011 Yes I missed Mother Of Mercy and Stick Together, the whole time I was at work I was watching the clock counting down the bands I was not seeing. But I did get to see Foundation and Xibalba. This is my first time seeing Foundation since the Have Heart show at Chain Reaction a while ago. They were great. I'm bummed I didn't go down to Che Cafe for the show the day prior. Here's the pics though; foundation foundation foundation foundation foundation Xibalba Xibalba Xibalba Enjoy the rest of the pictures up on Flickr!

Rival Schools

Rival Schools @ Chain Reaction May 2011 Friday at Chain Reaction Rival Schools played an amazing show. Ending the show with the crowd favorite the Smiths cover "How Soon Is Now".  I'm a big fan of almost everything Walter has done, he is a great songwriter. I know everyone loves Gorilla Biscuits and Quicksand, but Moondog and his solo stuff has the just as much  impact on me.  Truth be told I listen to him singing  Start Today than the actual album. Ok enough of the praise... here's the pics:  Rival Schools  Rival Schools  Rival Schools  Rival Schools  Rival Schools  Rival Schools All pics are up on Flickr!

Orange County Hardcore Scenester

Orange County Hardcore Scenester @ Yost Theatre (MOVIE PREMIERE) May 2011 I had to go and support this... Evan Jacobs spents thousands of hours making this document.  As always though this was on a work day so I missed the Acoustic Farside/Gameface songs by Popeye and Jeff respectively.  Also didn't get to catch the Q&A before hand. I knew the documentary was on the longish side so I still had hope. I did catch the last half though and it was totally worth it... I always thought I was a little over HardCore by the mid 90's but listening to the soundtrack for this made realize- nope I still loved it!  GREAT JOB EVAN! Larry Ransom, Dave Mandel, Andrew Kline, Evan Jacobs, Stacey Iguchi, Scott Sprigg

Hi-Graff @ Hold Up Art

Hi-Graff @ Hold Up Art May 2011 While I was down the block checking out Art in the Streets @ MOCA Geffen a friend reminded me that a mutual friend of ours, Eyeone, was in a gallery show around the corner. Hold Up Art is a cool stop in Little Tokyo. I've already been there for a handful of shows within the last 6 months.  So I knew exactly where to go. Besides Eyeone and Cache who both have pieces that are out on the street there was quite a few other artist on display. Codak, Defer, Slick, Cyrcle and Axis plus many more... this one is free too so GO already! EYEONE CACHE Rick Ordonez, Axis, NICNAK Spurn, Codak, Kym CBS Vyal, Defer, Slick Cyrcle and Teal Alec,  Free Humanity,  Haculia, Chad Muska Rest of the pics are up for your enjoyment on FLICKR!

Art In the Streets @ MOCA

Art In the Streets @ MOCA Geffen Contemporary Saturday I finally made my way down to see the exhibit. I was under the impression that the works were on the outside in the parking lot area and surrounding areas. Well it's true that there is a few pieces but that was just the tip of the iceberg. After paying the $10 (definitely worth it) I headed inside to see what MOCA had to offer. From a few friends that went I only knew that Banksy, Shepard Fairey and JR were in it. But there was so much more I wasn't expecting, New Yorks' Haze, a Basquiat, Ed Templeton photos, Raymond Pettibon flyers, short film by Spike Jonze, Mark Gonzalez , sheesh they even had Terry Richardson and Keith Haring. There is much more that I'm forgetting too oh like a guy names Roa. And we're not talking one are two pieces by these people but whole walls or sections. Please take the time and do yourself a favor and go! I not a fan of the graffiti that plagues the sides of liquor stores but mura


Xibalba @ Aladdin Jr. May 2011 Small local show for before Xibalba leaves for their tour. I got there late and missed the first song of Soul Search but at least I didn't miss the whole set. I do want to make sure that you all know it wasn't me who called out White Pride to Nate even though everyone seemed to look at me as he had a few words about it on stage. Different cracker, not me! Nate can vouch for me on that. Xibalba Xibalba Xibalba Xibalba/ Soul Search  Soul Search  Soul Search  Soul Search Rest of the pics are up on FLICKR!