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Jon Bunch Memorial Concert

Jon Bunch Memorial Concert @ Yost Theater 3/20/16 A wonderful day spent with great bands with  friends new and old. Reason To Believe and Sense Field have always been important to me, it was a great way to remember those bands. More importantly it was a great testament to the man himself who was nothing but kind and caring... Sense Field   Sense Field Sense Field - Jonah Matranga Sense Field - Jason Beebout Sense Field - Matt Caughtran Sense Field - Jae Hansel Sense Field - Popeye Sense Field - Walter Schreifels  Sense Field - Garrett Klahn Sense Field -Zoli Teglas  Sense Field -Jeff Caudill Sense Field - Kenny Vasoli Sense Field - Sam Velde Sense Field - Richie Birkenhead Rocket From the Crypt Texas Is the Reason Outspoken Aquabats! Into Another Scream Samiam The Bronx No For An Answer Gameface Death By Stereo Strife Knapsack Done Dying


Gag @ Paradise Records 3/13/16 Gag Gag Gag Gag Combat Knife Combat Knife Lock Lock Warfare Warfare


HAARM practice 3/9/16 Had to drop off some zines w Furn for Amoeba and got a sneak peak of the new songs. I'm happy they let me stop by to listen and shoot a few pics... THANKS GUYS!!! HAARM