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the Business @ Angelo's

Sunday 9/26/10, in Pomona, the Business played their last US show on the latest tour. Good times and this show I didn't have any problem with the skins*. For a bunch of guys that strive for UNITY they seem to barely tolerate me at their shows. Maybe it's that I look like an HC kid rather than a punk. Who knows or cares because I had fun... the Business the Business the Business the Business * and for the record I'm talking about a few drunken guys not all of them!

D.R.I. @ Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction had a great line up this last Saturday 9/25/10. I was there to see Blind Nuns & Absolute Madness, but Planet Crusher & Tormentor also put on a great show. DRI played 90 songs in about an hours time. That might be an exaggeration but their set list was 4 pages long. The show was sold out and I was lucky enough to score a ticket. The crowd brought together all kind of punks and that is something I miss at shows.  Blind Nuns Planet Crusher Absolute Madness Tormentor D.R.I. D.R.I.

Kele @ Music Box

Lead singer of the Bloc Party has a solo cd out now. He did a little mini tour to promote it and the tour ended at the Music Box (formerly known as the Henry Fonda Theater). Just imagine Bloc Party in a more dance/electronic direction. I shot this for Goldenvoice and you can find the rest of the pics on their flickr .

Ink and Dagger

Buddyhead and FYF put together a great show last night, 9/17/10, at the 6th St. Warehouse in downtown LA. Ink & Dagger with Geoff Rickly (Thursday) on vocals, along with Dangers and Touche Amore. The crowd went nuts, at one point I thought I broke my camera. I was knocked over by the crowd and the camera slammed against the half pipe. But from the looks of these pics everything seems alright: Ink & Dagger Ink & Dagger Ink & Dagger Dangers Touche Amore More pics of the show will be up on flickr  tonight!

Free Trash Talk/Nails show @ the Roxy

I missed the show!  I knew my chances were slim after walking up and seeing a line of a hundred people. The place was already at full capacity by the time Nails ended their set... but I did get to hang out with a few friends. Tru, Zack, Lee, Edgar and friend


Vibrators @ Angelo's 9/9/10  Angelo's and Gonzo are back!!! Bad Manners played on Tuesday and last night the Vibrators. Coming up soon will be the Business and the Templars. Come on down and enjoy the fun in Pomona... the Vibrators the Vibrators the Vibrators