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Showing posts from March, 2017


Lock @ Programme 3/25/17 Madison with another grand slam at the coolest local shop I know. Every band on the show was a rager. Lock Lock Primal Rite Primal Rite Vamachara Vamachara Dead Heat Dead Heat   Initiate Initiate

Fucked Up

Fucked Up @ the Echo 3/13/17 Wanted to go to the Sunday show to see Dangers but it was sold out,  and almost forgot they added a second too. Always happy to see a show with No Age on the bill... Fucked Up Fucked Up Fucked Up Fucked Up No Age No Age Fraude Fraude Bleached Bleached

Take Offense

Take Offense @ Programme 3/3/17 I love the Chula Vista boys... Take Offense Take Offense Take Offense Take Offense Rise I Against I Seance Dead Heat


Xibalba @ PBW 2/26/17 10 years of one of Pomona's finest. Glad I was able to celebrate such a milestone with my friends. Xibalba Xibalba Xibalba Xibalba Xibalba God's Hate Red Death Year of the Knife Vamachara Outlet

Alice Bag

Alice Bag @ Programme 2/19/17 Alice Bag at a skate shop? YEP! So damn happy that the Programme boys set this one up... Alice and Loren Alice Bag Alice Bag Alice Bag Alice Bag Alice Bag Maricón Maricón Maricón Maricón