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Showing posts from February, 2013

Zero Progress

Zero Progress @ Aladdin Jr 2/22/13 Zero Progress with New Brigade, Broken Needle, Disapproval, Repel and Higher Learning for another fun night at Aladdins. I wish more shows were l ike this... NO FIGHTS ! Zero Progress and friends Zero Progress Zero Progress Zero Progress New Brigade New Brigade Broke n Needle Disap pr oval Repel Higher Lear ni ng      Zero Progress ,  photos by Dan Rawe Photography on Flickr.

In Defence

In Defence @ VLHS (Pomona) 2/2/13 ...with Media Blitz and Repel In Defence - Repel In Defence  In Defence In Defence Media Blitz Media Blitz Media Blitz  Repel  Repel Repel  In Defence , a photo by Dan Rawe Photography on Flickr.


Cro-Mags @ Key Club 2/1/13 With Strife and In Defence...  Cro-mags Cro-mags Cro-mags Cro-mags Strife Strife Strife In Defence In Defence In Defence Cro-Mags ,  photos by Dan Rawe Photography on Flickr.