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Citizens Arrest

Citizens Arrest @ Rec Center 5/17/19 One of my favorite bands from the 90's. Born Against and Citizens Arrest have always had a soft spot in my heart. Never made it out here back in the day but now twice within the last 5 years. Definitely didn't want to miss it. Also family reunion with my brothers Frosty and Steven Hertz.  Citizens Arrest Citizens Arrest Citizens Arrest Violencia Entry Enemy Forged Madrugado

Drug Control

Drug Control @ Che Cafe 4/27/19 I didn't think I was gonna make this show which had Infest headlining. I was in San Diego with the family and we were going to leave before the show started. Somehow we stuck around long enough for me to swing by and see 2 bands while the kids and wifey had dinner. Super bummed I missed Adult Crash and Infest but very stoked to see the last Drug Control show. Drug Control Drug Control Drug Control Drug Control Drug Control Drug Control Violencia Violencia Violencia Violencia

Macondo Cultural Center

A Discussion on the history of the Macondo @ Cal State Los Angeles 4/27/19 It was short lived but this was a very important venue in the early/mid 90's. Besides hosting shows for the likes of Avail, Strife, Lifetime, Bikini Kill, it was also a cultural center for the neighborhood. Paula Ramirez spoke about her time documenting the Zaptista movement and its struggles. Eyeone tied his love of graffiti and music to the early beginnings of the space.

A Global Threat

  A Global Threat  @ Redwood Bar 4/24/19 A Global Threat A Global Threat A Global Threat A Global Threat Long Knife Long Knife Long Knife Clit 45 Clit 45 Exit Order Exit Order


This Is LA! @ 1720 4/19/19 An amazing line up and it was FREE! Plus a fundraiser/donation for school supplies for little kids. SOS is the best... Rotting Out Xibalba Downpresser Vein Vamachara Dead Heat Buried Dreams Section H8 Momentum Drain Iron Curtain   Final War Pull Your Card Know Your Ending