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New Brigade

New Brigade @ Maya's Cafe 7/27/12 With Disapproval, Zero Progress, Stressors and Code Name: Mass Effect. New Brigade New Brigade  New Brigade  New Brigade  Code Name:Mass Effect  Zero Progress  Zero Progress Stressors  Disapproval  Disapproval   New Brigade ,  photos by Dan Rawe Photography on Flickr.


Basement @ Aladdin Jr 7/24/12 With Soul Search... yes I missed Dead End Path and everyone else. Basement Basement Basement Basement Basement Soul Search-Xibalba Soul Search Soul Search Soul Search       Soul Search  Basement ,  photos by Dan Rawe Photography on Flickr.

Minority Unit

Minoriy Unit @ Sound & Fury 7/21/12 I was only able to go one day this year and I had to see Minority Unit's last show. MAYHEM! Yep that's how I would describe the stage during their set. Walter had cut his hand and Enrique rolled his ankle. Bandwise this was the day that had the most to offer for me - Piece By Piece, Nomads, No Tolerance, the Wrongside, Bane, Terror, Born Low... Good Times! Minority Unit H20 Terror Bane Piece By Piece Earth Crisis Retaliate The Wrongside Donnybrook No Tolerance Bracewar Naysayer Creatues Night Birds Bent Life Born Low  Friend or Foe Nomads Souvenirs Harness                     Sound & Fury ,  photos by Dan Rawe Photography on Flickr.

Sleep Walkers - Test Press

#47 for 6131 Records. Newest release for Gil from Minority Unit, Nomads. Photos by Sergio ACxDC and Mike Donzor and myself. There were 3 or 4 left for sale as I was leaving Sound and Fury last night. GO GET IT NOW!

Fire & Ice

Fire & Ice @ Aladdin Jr 7/18/12 Another awesome SOS show... Fire & Ice Fire & Ice The Mongoloids The Mongoloids The Beautiful Ones The Beautiful Ones Harness Sideswipe Oblivion  Fire & Ice ,  photos by Dan Rawe Photography on Flickr.