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Madball @ Chain Reaction 1/22/2011 Wasn't planning on going to this but since a few people asked I went. Glad I did, it was great! Sold Out show and again I luckily got in. Caught the last two songs of Create Avoid and next up was Cruel Hand. This is the band I came for...but I was just as happy watching Comeback Kid and Madball too. A friend broke his lens and I was slammed against a wall but the camera escaped without any damages.  Here's what you were looking for though... Madball Madball Comeback Kid Cruel Hand Cruel Hand

Graf Orlock

Graf Orlock @ the Smell 1/06/11 Another record release party this time for Graf Orlock. Go buy the cd, the layout is the coolest design I have ever seen. The cover looks like a 10" record sleeve that folds into a boombox where the cd case lays on top. Touche Amore also played. I almost didn't make it into the show since it was sold out, but a friend pulled through and got me in- Thanks Alex! Graf Orlock Graf Orlock Graf Orlock Touche Amore

Touche Amore

Touche Amore @ Blacktop 1/15/11 This was Joyce Manors record release party... and YES I like Touche Amore! Touche Amore Touche Amore Joyce Manor


Xibalba @ Alladins jr. 1/12/11 Xibalba played their first show back after a few weeks out on the road. All the Pomona kids came out to welcome them home.  Absolute Madness and Ruckus also played. Fun times! I was worried I was going to miss Absolute Madness but made it there just as they were setting up. Xibalba Ruckus Absolute Madness

Retox @ Casbah

Retox played their first San Diego show this last Friday at the Casbah. It's been so long since I've been there that I got lost twice on the way to the club... probably would have made the Rats Eyes set at the TSOL show if I wasn't stuck in traffic too... Retox Retox Retox

Trash Talk @ La Boum

Late last night Trash Talk played a semi-secret show at La Boum/Bordot's for their friends AJ's birthday. This was a dance club that wasn't set up for real bands to play. It was too nice of a place to have punkers running around in too. Lee asked the crowd to please respect the place but in the end cushions, rugs, pillows were flung at the band and there was plenty of broken glass from either the drinks or candles.  It was a good set though... Trash Talk Trash Talk Trash Talk Trash Talk