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Scream @ Alex's Bar 8/27/11 I tried to see Scream in San Diego with Concussion but I couldn't get out of work. I knew I was going to miss the 3 of Clubs show with Fraud for the same reason so I went to Alex's. Saturdays show had Channel 3 too. Saw some friends and had a great time watching Scream... honestly they are better now than when I saw them in the early 90's. Scream Scream Scream Scream Scream Channel 3 Channel 3 Channel 3 More of the shows pics are up on Flickr!


Downpresser @ Aladdin Jr 8/18/11 For a show that had more line up changes than bands that played I am glad I didn't miss out.  Downpresser Downpresser Take Offense- w/ Nick Jett on vocals Take Offense Minority Unit Minority Unit Breaking Ground New Morality more pics up on flickr!

Joyce Manor

Joyce Manor @ the Cabin 8/12/11 Last show at the Cabin with Joyce Manor headlining the bill. The place went crazy knocking over the band for each and every song. It was very hard to get any pics for this show but I still had a great time. Joyce Manor Joyce Manor Joyce Manor Joyce Manor Shinobu Shinobu Shinobu All pics- Flickr!

Mariachi El Bronx

Mariachi El Bronx @ La Cita 8/3/11 Record release party for Mariachi El Bronxs' second album. This is the same little bar I first saw them a year or two ago. I knew it was going to be crowded and I got a poor spot to take pics. I was standing in front of the violin player thinking he was going to hit me with the bow. It was a great show, they played songs from both albums for close to an hour and a half. Mariachi el Bronx Mariachi el Bronx Mariachi el Bronx Mariachi el Bronx Mariachi el Bronx The rest are up on Flickr !

Sound & Fury Fest 2011

Sound & Fury Fest 2011 (Day 2) 7/25/11 I was only able to make it for one day this year and Saturday was the day I wanted to go to. DYS, Defeater, Living Eyes and Minority Unit were who I wanted to see most but I found quite a few new bands to like too, such as Calculator, Such Gold, and Maker. Joey C. was nice enough to let me shoot the show too, THANK YOU JOEY! and to end such a great day Suicide File killed it! Suicide File Down To Nothing DYS Defeater Rotting Out Over My Dead Body Alpha & Omega Xibalba Minority Unit Such Gold Living Eyes Calculator All pics are up on Flickr!