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New Breed Documentery

New Breed Documentary screening @ Unit C 5/19/18 I'm a nerd about this kind of stuff... I wanna see more docs and read more books about the bands I love. Sometimes its boring, I admit it. BUT Freddy Alva and John Woods did a great job with this one. An interesting portrait of all the bands involved along with Freddy and Chaka Malik sharing the history behind the tape compilation. Can't wait till this is released on DVD later this year. New Breed Doc New Breed Doc Freddy and John with Shawna Freddy and John Freddy, John, Carlos and Sam Carlos and his No Echo fans Mr. & Mrs. Frosty Roa, Shawna, Rich and Freddy Roa, Ben, Carlos, Shawna and Rich

Regional Justice Center

Regional Justice Center @ Top Space 5/16/18 Finally a RJC show where there were more bands than photographers! Really lucky this one started late so I got a chance to see Phalanx finally. Good times hanging out with Winnston and Furn too.  Regional Justice Center Regional Justice Center Regional Justice Center Active Shooter Forged Fissure Phalanx Phalanx Phalanx

Grave School

Grave School @ Top Space 5/5/18 I absolutely HATE missing my friends playing a show. Bands I don't know it doesn't faze me but when its the buddies it really upsets me. I can't count how many times I've missed Grave School but I know for sure I didn't want to add another one to the growing list. I LOVE Aldo and Guzie!!! So a Saturday show and a matinee at that made it so much easier for me to make it out. Good times with friends and family this Cinco De May. Grave School Grave School Grave School Grave School Dead Heat Dead Heat Daisy Chain GEM Full Circle


Supercrush @ Riff Mountain 4/19/18 Indie nite with Suburban Fight gig #73. I love little warehouse shows, always seems more relaxed and fun. Hanging out with a gang of photographers I love is always a added bonus. Supercrush Supercrush Supercrush Supercrush Layman Layman Layman Rolex Rolex

Sheer Terror

 Sheer Terror @ Characters 4/12/18 I love when shows are down the street from where I live. Take Offense in my backyard, of course I'm gonna hang out. Sheer Terror were great and Paul Bearer was not as mean as I expected, even after a drunk lady was trying to take selfies during the set. Sheer Terror Sheer Terror Sheer Terror Sheer Terror Sheer Terror Sheer Terror Take Offense Take Offense Take Offense Take Offense


Retox @ Alex's Bar 3/29/18 Furn's Birthday party at the El Rey and Danny's first 21 and over show made this a little special.  Now I don't have to worry about age limits... Retox