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Big Frank Harrison Benefit

Big Frank Harrison Benefit @ El Rey Theatre 8/27/16 This was a great show for a man that's always been there for bands. I knew him from going to Zeds Records in Long Beach back in the day. He put out some great releases with his label Nemesis Records. Bands that meant a lot to me in back in the day got together and helped him out... this was my high school reunion. Hope to see Big Frank back in action soon! Youth Brigade Youth Brigade Ill Repute Ill Repute Excel   Excel Excel Excel Final Conflict Final Conflict


Ausencia @ 5 Star Bar 8/24/16 Second time this week I was able to hit up a double header. Bummed I missed Tank from Rotting Out's new band - Expect the Worst. But I finally got a chance to see Ausencia!!! Mark vocals live remind of old Stiff Little Fingers or maybe Leatherface.  That always makes me happy. Ausencia Ausencia Ausencia Ausencia Folleto Folleto Folleto Folleto

Stand Off

Stand Off @ Safari 8/24/16 With 2 bands dropped and a venue change, I almost changed my mind about going. Glad I stuck it out, CoolSide was added and Stand Off were AWESOME!!! Highlight of the show though was Step 4 Change with the Wide Awake cover. For not being straight edge I get extremely excited for old SXE covers. Singing along and finger pointing all while still taking pics... Stand Off Stand Off Stand Off Stand Off Step 4 Change Step 4 Change SKS SKS CoolSide  CoolSide 


Cemetery @ 5 Star Bar 8/21/16 Second of the night, rushed over to see Generacion Suicida. Hour and a half after the show started I missed only one band. I'm gonna be sad when 5 Star Bar and the Smell close, so many good times between the two places. Cemetery  Cemetery  Cemetery  Generacion Suicida Generacion Suicida Generacion Suicida Generacion Suicida Musk Musk Musk


Dangers @ Union 8/21/16 I rushed over after work and walked in after they starting playing their first song. Bummed I missed Creative Adult, but I did get to hang out with them for a bit and got a cool pic before they leave toward Phoenix. Dangers Creative Adult Dangers Dangers Dangers Dangers Dangers Dangers Dangers


G.L.O.S.S. @ Bridgetown DIY 8/14/16 Another great sold out show for Bridgetown. So glad I was able to make it and actually catch all 4 bands. C.L.U.B. and Pure Disgust are always fun to see and I had a blast finally getting a chance to see Fire Walker and G.L.O.S.S. G.L.O.S.S. G.L.O.S.S. G.L.O.S.S. G.L.O.S.S. Pure Disgust Pure Disgust Fire Walker Fire Walker C.LU.B. C.LU.B.