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Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die @ the Subliminal Projects Gallery

Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die @ the Subliminal Projects Gallery March 2011 Last night was the opening for the newest show at Subliminal "Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die".  It's a collection of photos, flyers and art inspired by the late 70's and early 80's punk rock scene. Ed Colver and Glen E. Friedman should need no introductions, their pics grace the covers of  many albums of hardcore legends (Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Minor Threat...). The same goes for Raymond Pettibon and all his works for SST and bands like Sonic Youths' Goo. Shepard Fairey used another Glen photo for his next punk tribute of Henry Rollins.  Jenny Luna and Weston Smith were also contributors, their pictures were ones that I grew up with but long had forgotten the names of those that took them... Show started last night and runs through March 26th (FREE too)... Subliminal Projects Gallery SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS GALLERY 1331 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026 Raymond Pettib

Rotting Out

Rotting Out @ Aladdin Jr. February 2011 My goal for the night was to get out of work early enough to catch Knife Fight, I barely made it.  I'm happy that I was able to see 3 or 4 songs. Minority Unit was next and that was just completely mad. 7 or 8 singers, one right after the other and when they were done moved on by jumping into the crowd. Great set though. Downpresser and Rotting Out headlined the show and I had a great time as always shooting these two bands... Walter also goes nuts so it's fun and easy for me to take the pics. Rotting Out Rotting Out Rotting Out Rotting Out Downpresser Downpresser Minority Unit Minority Unit Knife Fight Knife Fight   More pics are up on Flickr!


Ceremony @ the Blvd Cafe February 2011 Ceremony played the Blvd. Cafe with Lack of Interest, Nails, Wet Reckless and Life of Refusal last night. Actually  there was one more band but they played before I even got there. The place was packed. Even as early as Wet Reckless the crowd started to take to the stage. By the time Lack of Interest played the crowd owned the stage. Total nightmare before Ceremony even starting playing. The bassist was pinned against his amp. The guitarist  found some solice by standing on top of his amps. Jake, the drummer,  probably had the worst time with the crowd, he had his drums knocked over a handful of times and someone broke a cymbal stand. I barely even saw the singer who was under all  the pile ups.  I was stuck between the bass amp and the drummer during the set, not the greatest place for getting awesome shots. I did  find comfort in staying safe though from the crowd... Ceremony Ceremony Ceremony Ceremony Ceremony Ceremo


Retox @ the Yard (IFC) 2/17/11  IFC (Independent Film Channel) is doing a 6 city tour of the US and giving the viewers a chance to see something other than the mainsteam. Well San Diego's stop included a Retox set at a house party.  Murder Contruct, which features band members of Phobia, Cattle Decapitation and Lack of Interest,  headlined the show tonight. Crime Desire and Indiscretion also played. I arrived 5 minutes after the time the show was suppose to start and all I see are cops. I thought the show was busted before it even started, well I still don't know what went down but the cops paid no attention to us and that was alright... Retox Retox Retox Retox Retox Retox Murder Construct Murder Construct Murder Construct Crime Desire Indiscretion Rest of the pictures are up on flickr  !

Take Offense - Tables Will Turn

Saturday at the Strife's Chain Reaction show I picked up some records. Take Offense put out a record two months ago on Reaper Records and I had to get it. When I got home and opened up the record, after studying the layout like we all do, I noticed I had a photo credit. Problem for me was that I didn't recognize any of the photos. I had to go through my pictures online to find out the lyric sheet picture was indeed one of mine. A shot from a Riff Haus show for earlier last year. Here's the record and the pic used. The cherry on top of course is the purple marble color that it came on. For fans of early Agnostic Front, Suicidal Tendencies and Piece by Piece... Take Offense Take Offense Take Offense Here's a link to their page and the record labels too - Take Offfense FB  and Reaper Records


Strife @ Chain Reaction 2/11/11 Last night Strife played at Chain Reaction with Rotting Out, Take Offense, Xibalba and Minus. This is one of those rare shows were I wanted to see all the bands. Doesn't happen often for me. This was also the record release party for Minus- guys did a good job! Had a great time hanging out with old friends and new. I took my cousins to see Strife, the younger one being into metal/thrash was a little interested. He had a blast. Whole night there was only one scuffle and that ended quietly.  I didn't notice until last night but my flash is kinda broken. I dropped it coming in from a show a week or two ago and it seemed fine, but at H2O is was giving me problems. I just thought it was the Roxys red light but nope. Corey from IA and Vic from Collision both did vocals on songs for Strife. Ok enough here's the pictures... Strife Strife Rotting Out Rotting Out Take Offense Take Offense Xibalba Xibalba Minus