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Strike Fast

Strike Fast @ Bridgetown DIY 3/22/14 First time seeing Strike Fast... yep I had fun! Strike Fast Strike Fast Strike Fast Strike Fast Repel  Repel Value Value Life Lock Life Lock  MORE PHOTOS:


30 Years of LBC Punk 1984-2014 Photo Exhibition - 4th Street Vine 3/2/14 I never knew the guy but we were at plenty of the same shows together...  I love seeing his pics! At Fenders: Hirax Blast Insted Uniform Choice Ramones Bad Brains Cromags At Zed Records: Fugazi  7 Seconds


Souvenirs @ Programme Skate and Sound 3/13/14 90's flashback... Souvenirs, Pocketknife and Layman keeping the indie vibe going from my teenage years. Souvenirs Souvenirs Souvenirs Souvenirs Pocketknife Pocketknife Pocketknife Layman Layman Layman MORE PHOTOS: