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Ben Is Dead - 30th Anniversary

Ben Is Dead 30th Anniversary @ Catch One 11/13/18

I was sold on 3 bands alone  - Jawbreaker, JFA and Skatenigs. Since I missed the first round of reunions last year at the Palladium I thought this might be my best chance to see Jawbreaker and shoot them. JFA is always fun to see and the nicest guys too. Skatenigs might seem a little out of place for me to mention but I am a Ministry and RevCO fan so I'm always down to see various projects from those members. Show was fun. I remember the zine but I didn't know anyone that was associated to them but it looked like a family reunion with punks who haven't seen each other in decades. It made the show even more personal. 




Savage Republic

Savage Republic


Poppy Jean Crawford







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Fraud @ Glasshouse 6/6/11 Yes I know this was the second night of the Outspoken/Mouthpiece/Youth of Today show but this band deserves its own post. Fraud is a brand new band featuring the likes of old hardcore dudes from bands like Chain of Strength, Inside Out, Statue, Excel, Pushed Aside and Against the Wall. And we all know how much I love Chain of Strength, so I was excited to see this bands first show. It was a quick set but they were on fire. I missed Outspoken the first night due to work so I was glad to get a chance to see them Monday night. Mouthpiece had a great set, it was funny to see Ben Merlis in the crowd singing every single song along with Tim.  No Curtis for the second night but Mouthpiece did get Porcell to do Straight Edge Revenge. I'll say it again- Youth of Today were just as great now as they were 20 years ago. But I thought the show was going to end early though,  just past the half way point of Youth of Todays set Ray fell and hurt his leg. Porcell took