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Momentum @ Warehouse 7/15/17 This was a Nomads show I was trying to catch while waiting for my friends for an art show. So many friends in new bands I had to catch... I missed Human Garbage and Nomads though. This place might be the smallest place I've ever been to. Porno was being shot above us and there was a Strip joint behind us - it was a weird spot.  Momentum Momentum Momentum Expect the Worst Expect the Worst Expect the Worst Expect the Worst Constrict Constrict Constrict


Cracked @ Programme 7/6/17 Another fun Thursday show at Programme... bummed I missed Prop X and Nerve Control. Cracked Cracked Cracked Cracked Initiate Initiate Initiate Initiate Bonebreaker Bonebreaker

Rev Fest

Rev Fest @ Aurea Vista (6/29, 7/1, 7/2  2017) Rev Fest 2017 edition... 4 days of HC in Riverside. I wasn't able to go all 4 days but between work and family I got to see a few bands. Honestly I don't know if I spent more time finger pointing and singing along or taking photos, but I had a blast. Thanks to Chris Lisk for setting up another rad show. Thanks to all the bands that played. Thank you Jordan for putting all these great bands out. It was really cool seeing new and old friends having a blast together.  It was two block away from where Spanky's was too.  Chris Lisk w Rich and Steve Gorilla Biscuits   Judge Burn Battery Death By Stereo  Death By Stereo  Search Youth of Today