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Sound and Fury Fest 5 (Day 2)

Left my house early for the second day, but I still was late to the show. Traffic was a lot worse. I had good company though with Tru. Walked in as Give was finishing their set. Took pics of most of the bands and those shots are all on flickr . These are the bands that I went for... Sick of it All Sick of it All Sick of it All Terror Down to Nothing Rotting Out Piece By Piece Alpha & Omega Donnybrook

Sound and Fury Fest 5 (day 1)

Earl Warren Fairgrounds, Santa Barbara. 7/23/10 I missed  most of the show,  but I did get to see the last 4 bands (two of which are personal favorites) it was all worthwhile. Strife Strife Outspoken Touche Amore Downpresser

Cruel Hand - Lock & Key

New Release from Bridge Nine Records. OUT NOW! They decided to use a few of my photos from the last Have Heart show in Southern California.  For more pics of the show go to: