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Freedom @ East 7th Punx End of the tour show with Fury, Forced Order and Protester. Got to hang Justin NB one last time before he leaves was an added bonus. Had Pizzanista with Andrew afterwards too. Freedom   Freedom Freedom Forced Order Forced Order Fury Fury Protester Protester


Judge @ Gilman St 5/23/15 My wife and I took our little cousin Danny on his first roadtrip for a show. He just graduated High School and he had never seen Judge. So we took this opportunity to drive up at go the the Gilman St show with Living Eyes and Pure. The show was awesome. Pure did a cover of Chain of Strength's True Till Death and Living Eyes did Minor Threat's In My Eyes. Davey Havok even came out to help sing that one. Judge set was nuts, tons of singalongs and stagedives. Good times even though I broke my flash... Judge   Judge Judge Living Eyes Living Eyes Living Eyes   Pure Pure Pure Pure


Goatsnake @ the Complex 5/20/15 Goatsnake's BLACK AGE BLUES record release show with Bl'ast and Eagle Twin. Goatsnake

New Brigade

New Brigade @ PBW 5/19/15 Last show with Freedom, Forced Order and Fury. They were always fun to shoot and I love those guys with all my heart. I'm going to miss Justin, we didn't hang out much but I always thought he was super sweet. Good luck buddy. It was great seeing all my friends, new and old, coming out to bare witness to the last set. New Brigade New Brigade New Brigade New Brigade New Brigade Freedom Freedom Forced Order Forced Order Fury Fury

Drug Control

Drug Control @ VLHS 5/9/15 The whole show was covers, Drug Control as Youth of Today,  Proletariat Youth  as GB, Outraged as Agnostic Front. Rotting Wolf also played and did a Casualties set. I was bummed I left as they started to set up. Good times though, lots of sing alongs and finger pointing. Drug Control   Drug Control Drug Control Drug Control Proletariat  Youth Proletariat  Youth Proletariat  Youth Outraged Outraged Outraged


Judge @ Dilettante Art Studio 5/8/15  Judge   Judge  Judge  Judge  Judge  Judge Judge    Judge  Judge  Judge