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Showing posts from February, 2014

Violent Situation merch

New sweatshirt by Violent Situation... another great band using my pics! Violent Situation  Violent Situation 

Soul Search

Soul Search @ Programme Skate and Sound 2/22/14 Soul Search with Violent Situation and Fury. Bummed I miss Forced Order. Soul Search  Soul Search  Soul Search  Soul Search  Violent Situation Violent Situation Violent Situation Fury Fury Fury MORE PHOTOS:

Lawrence Arms

Lawrence Arms @ El Rey Theatre 2/16/14 Lawrence Arms have been a long time favorite of mine. After the last 7" and their hiatus I didn't think it I was going to feel the same way about the band. Nope I still love them. Metropole  is a great album, they remind me more of Knapsack on this record than anything else. Fun times... Lawrence Arms  Lawrence Arms  Lawrence Arms  Lawrence Arms Lawrence Arms  MORE PHOTOS: