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London & Tommy

London May and Tommy Victor @ Pure Trash 3/13/15 London May and Tommy Victor London May and Tommy Victor          London May Danzig, Howie Pyro and London May  London May London May


Retox @ Los Globos 3/10/15 Retox  Retox  Retox  Retox  Whores.  Whores.  To the Point To the Point Nomads Nomads


 Turnstile @ Los Globos 3/3/15 Turnstile Turnstile Turnstile Turnstile   Turnstile Superheaven Superheaven Superheaven Superheaven Take Offense

Salad Days

Salad Days @ Regent Theater 2/27/15 Salad Days Salad Days Keith Morris Q and A  Meghan Adkins and Craig Wedren  Pete Stahl  Jim Saah Scott Crawford Jason Farrell

Agents Provocateurs

Agents Provocateurs @ Subliminal Projects 2/20/15 Ben Horton Cleon Peterson Todd Francis Marc McKee FOS Nil Ultra