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D.O.C. @ Dan's Hamburgers 8/11/17 After I left the Dangers show I headed down to LA to catch Deadbeat and friends. Show started super late that I didn't miss any bands. After Whelm played the cops started to show up, they let touring bands play as long as the neighbors didn't call and complain. So yeah it sucked that Deadbeat and Fissure didn't play but at least the show wasn't completely shutdown. D.O.C. D.O.C. D.O.C. Triac Triac Triac Whelm Whelm Whelm


Fireburn @ Programme 8/24/17 Another great show at Progreamme... Fireburn Fireburn Fireburn Fireburn Fireburn Discrepancy Discrepancy Let Rage! Let Rage! Skullcrack

Dead Cross

Dead Cross @ El Rey Theatre 8/22/17 Show was originally slated for Monday but Mike Patton decided to skate to the show and was in a little accident. The make up show followed the next night with Qui and Silent, so leaving working for the second day in a row (waiting to be yelled at for this one) I hurried so I wouldn't miss any of the bands. I'm always excited to see any of the Three One G bands and this was a perfect mini showcase. I've been wanting to see Silent for a while now...   and YES, Dead Cross were awesome!!! Dead Cross Dead Cross Dead Cross Dead Cross Dead Cross Dead Cross Silent Qui Secret Chiefs 3


Fireburn @ Vacation Vinyl 8/18/17 First show... and I was definitely not disappointed one bit.  Fireburn


Nails @ Echoplex 8/4/17 Danny Jr. is back and as usual there is a Nails show waiting for him. He finally got the chance to see Bloodclot and Negative Approach too... Nails Nails Nails Nails Negative Approach Negative Approach Bloodclot Bloodclot Final Conflict HAARM

We'll Make the Difference (Photo Exhibit)

We'll Make the Difference @ Lethal Amounts 7/22/17