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Strife @ Cobalt Cafe 7/21/11 To start off the Sound and Fury weekend Strife played with Bitter End last night at the Cobalt Cafe. I also got to catch Like It Or Not and Incendiary. It was great seeing new and old friends. Had a blast, minus Rick pouring water all over my camera.. but it still works. So here's the pics you wanted to see: Strife Strife Strife Strife Bitter End Bitter End Bitter End Like It Or Not Like It Or Not Like It Or Not Incendiary Incendiary More pics up on FLICKR!


Statue @ Eleven 7/9/11 Statue played San Diego this last weekend for Alex's high school reunion afterparty. Busted out Something To Say and Statue songs along with a few covers... Statue Statue Statue Statue Statue ...the whole set is on Flickr !

Harm's Way

Harm's Way / Xibalba @ Aladdin Jr. 7/2/11 Where did I go for the Fourth of July weekend? Xibalba, Harm's Way, Creatures and Hardside show in Pomona... fun times! Harm's Way Harm's Way Harm's Way Xibalba Xibalba Xibalba Creatures Creatures Hardside Hardside More are up on... FLICKR!

Twin Infinities

Twin Infinities: A Group Art Show 7/1/11 Nomads' is a smaller gallery/collective in Echopark. For the past few years they have had art shows and gigs during the summertime. I love this place. Sam Velde put together a show I just could not miss. It was a great collection of artists... Jason Farrell, Sonny Kay, Jordin Isip, Chrissy Piper, Lee Spielman, Mark McCoy and so many more. Coliseum also came out and did a small set to end the show which was really cool. Sonny Kay Jordin Isip Cynthia Connelly Chrissy Piper Lee Spielman & Thomas Stavnes Jason Farrell Brian Walsby Ross Farrar Coliseum The rest of the night activities are post up on Flickr!