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Ex Youth

Ex Youth @ Programme 9/1/18 I like when shows are close and the line up is nice and short. It was nice to see Walter return with a new band and always down to shoot whatever project  Anthony Anzaldo comes to town with. And it's always a treat to see my two kids from Drug Control Danny and Derek.  Ex Youth Ex Youth   Ex Youth   Drug Control   Drug Control   Entry Entry   DRK BLU DRK BLU

New Age Fest

New Age Fest @ the Garden Amp 8/25/18 I was worried about this being an outdoor show all day long, and then Danny from Drug Control text with the amazing news that it changed to the indoor venue. Good times. Loved seeing new and old friends, east coast and west, and assholes like Andrew Kline too. Mike and Chris Lisk did a great job. I love that Mike is doing New Age again, he has a great roster already. Trial   Mouthpiece Strife Mean Season A Chorus of Disapproval    Safe &  Sound Countervail Drug Control Cutting Through Treason


Notspoken @ Programme 8/24/18 Not sure if I was going to make the whole New Age Fest with it starting around noon, so I decided to hit this show up to catch some of the bands I was gonna miss. Cutting Through and Decline are always fun to watch. Loved Safe & Sound and Restraining Order. Second dose of Fixation was nice and look out for new merch by Treason with a photo you might recognize. Notspoken? Wasn't sure what was going to go on with this one... short but sweet set with 3 singers. It was fun. Notspoken Notspoken Notspoken   Notspoken   Notspoken   Safe & Sound Cutting Through Treason Decline Restraining Order Fixation


Strife @ the Roxy 8/23/18 FUCK! Another camera broken... second one within a month.  Two songs into Criminal Instinct too. Luckily Amy C. Nelson let me use her camera to take photos of Strife. I know what I'm asking the family for christmas. Strife Strife Strife Strife Criminal Instinct Dead  Heat Berthold City Fixation


Seizures @ Blvd Cafe 8/12/18 Haven't been to a Blvd Cafe show in a while, but I'm always down for an adventure.  Seizures Seizures Benoit Benoit Plagues Plagues   Whelm Whelm

We'll Make the Difference

We'll Make the Difference (Art show) @ Lethal Amounts 7/28/18 Second annual show brought to you by the beautiful, talented and wonderful Arron Herrera. Honored to be back and along with some of the coolest kids I know.  My camera broke as I was walking around downtown with my kids so I only have a few from the set up.   Arron and Kiabad my little helpers  Furn Zavala  Dan Rawe Rocio Rodriguez  Christina Hernandez Danielle Parsons  Blake Wurtzler Robert Ipatzi      Joseph Ipatzi  Joe Calixto  Shane Coker  Arron and Jonathan