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Concussion @ Aladdin Jr. March 2011  Saturday in Pomona my friends band, Concussion, played with Outrage, Seraphim, Hordes and Cold Front.  The show started a half and hour later than it was suppose to, but that was a good thing. I ended up catching Cold Front which was cool. I didn't get to stay for Outrage, actually I wasn't even suppose to stay for Seraphim or Hordes but I lost track of time... had to go and get my tax papers in order for a early appointment the next day. Concussion Concussion Cold Front Hordes Seraphim Rest of pics up at Flickr!

Beyond Wonderland

Beyond Wonderland (Insomniac) March 2011 Between all the art shows and punk gigs that I go to I sometimes help out my friends at Groovetickets. Saturday in San Bernardino I went to Insomniac's Beyond Wonderland. It's a little more mellow than I normally listen to but I still had a fun time...   Joker Showtek Infected Mushroom Loco Dice Dirtyphonics Christopher Lawrence Highlights of the show up now on  flickr! All the pics are up on  Groovetickets  right now. 


Betrayed @ Che Cafe March 2011 After the great show of Praise/Betrayed show on Thursday I decided to go to the San Diego show too.  Well I missed Praise this time, early show and I got lost didn't help. I haven't been to Che Cafe since the good old days of Amenity, Forced Down and Chain of Strength. Betrayed put on another great show... bummed I'm gonna miss the last show in San Fransisco with Ryan Ceremony's new band- Living Eyes. Betrayed Betrayed Betrayed Betrayed Betrayed The rest of the pics are up for your viewing pleasure of flickr!

Pressure Point

Pressure Point @ the Airliner March 2011 After the early show of Betrayed and Praise I cruised down to the Airliner with a friend to catch Pressure Point. Got there as Toughskins were setting up. Following the footsteps of the Praise/Betrayed night of covers Pressure Point did four themselves, including Clash's White Riot and songs by Bad Brains, Cro-Mags and 4 Skins. The kids went nuts of course... Pressure Point Pressure Point Pressure Point Pressure Point Toughskins Toughskins You can find more up on Flickr!


Betrayed @ Cobalt March 2011 This was an early show that I had to race to and I still missed half of Praise's set. They were great and did a Turning Point cover too. Betrayed also did an excellent cover by doing Dag Nastys'  Circles. During the whole set I was dodging kids doing stagedives who used the side speakers as diving boards. My camera and I escaped any serious injuries even after dropping my camera at one point. Betrayed Betrayed Betrayed Betrayed Betrayed Betrayed Betrayed Praise Praise Praise More pics up on Flickr!


Helmet @ the Slidebar March 2011 There was a free show last night at the Slidebar with Helmet, Sederra and Backlight Revelation. I was only able to catch the last half of Helmet's set but it was worth it.  The last time I saw Helmet was before Betty came out, so maybe 93-94. I've always liked them, they reminded me of a catchier Godflesh. Those that know me know my love for Justin and his almighty Godflesh, so that wasn't a slight on them. Fast foward 15 plus years, I know it's not the same band but Page and company still put on a good show. I heard people complaining that they were playing new material for the first half of the set but by the time I got there they had already started playing the classics,  In the Meantime and Strap It On songs. Here's the pics-  Helmet Helmet Helmet Helmet Helmet The rest of the pics are up on Flickr!

Cerebral Ballzy

Cerebral Ballzy @ Chain Reaction March 2011 I meant to catch these guys Sunday at the Blvd Cafe but I ended up getting out of work late and it was rainings so I decided to give Tuesday night a shot. I hope they had a better turn out for that show,  I might have been the only paying person in attendance for this one. Seriously less than 20 kids there. That didn't stop them from having a good time though. Crowd wasn't a issue so I actually moved around to get these shots,  this is a rarity for me.  This may stop me from getting the killer shots but I try not to get in the way of the bands as much as possible. Cerebral Ballzy Cerebral Ballzy Cerebral Ballzy Cerebral Ballzy Cerebral Ballzy Cerebral Ballzy More pics up on Flickr!

Scion Rock Fest

Scion Rock Fest @ Pomona March 2011 Scion's Rock Fest hit the streets of Pomona on Saturday, March 5th 2011. I took my metalhead cousin who is openminded enough to like hardcore. He had a blast! I didn't get to see a lot of bands but the one's I saw were good.  We weren't  able to get in to the Fox Theater for Obituary and Morbid Angel since the place was packed. They were only letting people in as others were leaving.  Here's some pics of the bands I did see... Pomona - Scion Rock Fest - Fox Theater Municipal Waste Integrity Death Angel Black Breath NAILS Primate F *** the Facts the rest of the pics are up on Flickr !