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Crass @ Fox Theater Pomona 4/29/11 ... or by it's proper name - Steve Ignorant Presents Crass Songs 1977-1984.  As long as you went in not expecting Penny and company there should have been no problems.  I was happy, Gizz from Broken Bones played guitar. English bands like English Dogs and Broken Bones helped me make the connection between metal and punk in those early years. I wasn't there to shoot the show, actually two of the kindest people ever got me in to the sold out show, Chad Strife and London May- THANKS guys!  And for the record I was never the biggest Crass fan but this was a good show and I think Steve sounded great. Better than him was Nicole taking over for Eves songs... highlight of the night for me was So What? FOX THEATER POMONA- CRASS CRASS

Emmylou Harris

Emmylou Harris @ the El Rey Theatre April 2011 Last night Emmylou Harris did a show at the El Rey Theatre. And for those that care a special guest artist was indeed special- Ryan Adams! He did a few new songs and ended his set with a song with Emmylou. Most people would be suprised by me being such a fan. Yeah every punk loves Johnny Cash and his rebel attitude, but this love is still punk related. I am a huge fan of the band X. Over the years they have worked with Dave Alvin from the Blasters,  and I became a fan of his folk/americana solo records. That sound in turn gave way to listening to Red Dirt Girl and I was hooked. She has an amazing voice. I wasn't there to take pics but I did bring my little canon point & shoot... besides playing the whole new album that drops next week she ended the set with a old song by John Lennon - Imagine. Good times! Emmylou Harris

Mitch Dubey Benefit

Mitch Dubey Benefit @ Aladdin Jr. April 2011 Saturday there was a benefit for Mitch Dubey with a whole bunch of great bands- Touche Amore, Pressure, Broadway Calls, Dangers, Comadre, Ghostlimb and Joyce Manor at Aladdin Jr in Pomona. The show sold out before the doors even opened. Sadly people were turned away from the great cause. I didn't know the guy personally but everyone I knew him had nothing but the kindest things to say.  I forgot how good Pressure were and they were on fire. Everyone I saw was good, I did miss Joyce Manor because I went to get something to eat and forgot about the time. Here's the goods: TOUCHE AMORE TOUCHE AMORE PRESSVRE PRESSVRE BROADWAY CALLS DANGERS DANGERS COMADRE GHOSTLIMB All the pics from the show are up on FLICKR!

Fallen Friends DAY 2

Fallen Friends DAY 2 @ Aladdin Jr. April 2011 I missed almost the whole show, by the time I got there Rotting Out was setting up. Super bummed because I wanted to see A&O and Take Offense too.  Sunday shows are the hardest for me to attend since it's the day I have to work the longest at UPS.  And a show like this that starts early I usually just give up. Last night though I thought I would at least get to see 2 or 3 bands. Nope but here's what I got of Rotting Out... Rotting Out Aladdi Rotting Out  Rotting Out   Rotting Out w/ Luis A&O  Rotting Out  Rotting Out The rest of the pics are up on FLICKR! 

Fallen Friends Fest DAY 1

Fallen Friends Fest DAY 1 @ Aladdin Jr. Apirl 2011 Absolute Madness, Piece By Piece, Soul Search, Minus, Ruckus, Xibalba, Hammerfist and Downpresser! Every single band from day 1...                   Absolute Madness   Absolute Madness Piece By Piece   Piece By Piece   Soul Search  Soul Search  Minus  Minus  Ruckus   Ruckus  Xibalba  Xibalba  Hammerfist Hammerfist   Downpresser  Downpresser all the shots from day 1 are on FLICKR! 


Cro-Mags @ O'Connells bar April 2011 Cro-Mags at a bar in San Diego... I'm not a fan of HardCore shows at bars but this was a blast.  I thought there was going to be lots of fights too because there was skinheads and lots of drunks. I didn't see anything go down though.  Saw some local punkers there too - Derek Concussion, Tim Amenity...  I almost took out AJ, and that wasn't intentional either. I was knocked down from behind and fell over almost on top of him.  Cro-Mags setlist Cro-Mags   Cro-Mags   Cro-Mags   Cro-Mags   Cro-Mags   Cro-Mags   Cro-Mags Cro-Mags   Cro-Mags All Cro-Mags shots - FLICKR! 

Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki @ Hollywood Palladium April 2011 Dim Mak and Insomniac put on another great show at the Palladium. I love these smaller lowkey shows over the 5 stage arena events. Steve Aoki was amazing,  great tunes, stagediving and he even jumped from the balcony onto an inflatable raft.  He also does a remix of New Noise by Refused, a personal favorite. Steve Aoki Steve Aoki Steve Aoki spraying the crowd with champagne Confetti was everywhere! Dada Life Peace Treaty Hightlights of the show are up on  Flickr! All of them are up on  Flavorus...  now.