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Verse @ the Glass House 8/18/12 This was for the Scion/Bridge 9 showcase with H2O but I had to leave early for family birthday party. I was hoping to catch a few songs but I didn't... I had a great time seeing Verse, Expire and Soul Control though. Verse Verse Verse Verse Soul Control Soul Control Soul Control Expire Expire Expire           Verse ,  photos by Dan Rawe Photography on Flickr.

Power of the Riff

Power of the Riff @ Echolplex 8/11/12 Showcase for Southern Lord Recordings and their friends... I love every one of the bands!!! Sunn O))) Off! Dr. Know Retox Despise You Lewd Acts Hoax Alpha & Omega Power Trip Xibalba DNF

Saber / Revok

Saber/Revok @ Known Gallery 8/10/12 Double Exhibit - Saber with "Beautification" and Revok with "Gilgamesh". Revok Revok Revok Revok   Revok/Saber Saber Saber Saber  Saber     Saber/Revok , a photo by Dan Rawe Photography on Flickr.


Dangers @ Aladdin Jr 8/8/12 Late again so I saw one song of Hostage Calm. Definitely worth going though just to see Dangers. Easily one of my favorite bands. Al lets the kids have the mic and he just sings along. Reminds me of the days when Curtis from Chain of Strength would do the same thing. Dangers Dangers Dangers  Dangers  Dangers Dangers  Dangers  Dangers  Dangers  Hostage Calm           Dangers , photos by Dan Rawe Photography on Flickr.

Soul Search shirt (Outburst design)

Sweetest guys! This picture was taken around the corner from my house, by the Montclair skatepark. Soul Search Soul Search , a photo by Dan Rawe Photography on Flickr.