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Showing posts from October, 2010

Vitamin X @ Riff Haus

Day 3 (10/17/10)... with Knife Fight and Graf Orlock! Vitamin X Knife Fight Graf Orlock

Vitamin X @ Blvd. Cafe

Day 2 of the SoCal tour... Vitamin X Vitamin X Lack of Interest

Vitamin X @ Unity Church

Vitamin X played the first of 3 SoCal shows this weekend. Last Night was at Unity Church in Long Beach. Next Up is Blvd Cafe and Sunday at the Riff Haus. Vitamin X Vitamin X Vitamin X

Strife @ the Black Top

Strife/Alpha & Omega/Xibalba/Minus/Absolute Madness The Black Top 10/10/10 This was a warm up show for Strife since they're heading out to the East Coast for a couple of shows... and another great show for SOS booking. Strife Strife w/ Corey (Piece by Piece/Absolute Madness) Strife w/ Vic (Collision/ OneXChoice)                                             Alpha & Omega All Apologies to Aaron of A&O, I accidently fell and unplugged his amp during their last song!

Raw Power @ Riff Haus

Raw Power / Gross Negligence  (last show) / Media Blitz / Blind Nuns  Riff Haus - Saturday 10/2/10. Raw Power Gross Negligence Media Blitz Blind Nuns

Atari Teenage Riot @ Key Club

Last night was a good night. I got out of work early, rushed to the show and there was no traffic. Got in and realized I didn't miss a single band even though it was nearly two hours after the doors opened. AWESOME! I wanted to see the opening bands as much as the headliner. I didn't have to wait long. Opening up the show for Atari Teenage Riot was two Locust related bands-Skinwalker and All Leather. Great sets by both bands. I have always loved ATR so it was nice getting a chance to photograph this show. Bad news for me, fog and strobe lighting. I did get some painstakingly decent shots though... Atari Teenage Riot Atari Teenage Riot                                                         Atari Teenage Riot All Leather Skinwalker  the rest of the show will be up on Flickr  in a day or so.