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Diztort @ Top Space 10/13/18 This show was sold out before I even got there... damn it! First I missed the Bridgetown show and now I drive out to LA to get denied again. Kiabad, Mario and I were debating trying to sneak in or just go to Del Taco in Culver to get some of those veggie tacos, luckily someone helped us out and got us in. Bonus R.O.C. added to the bill for a short but sweet set. This show has a great line up but honestly I really drove all the out there just to see Coochiehead. HE RULES! Due to technical difficulties it was a short set but I was happy witnessing and documenting this performance. Let's not forget Step for Change and what might be their last show ever. Very emotional set from Ish and the boys.  Diztort Diztort Diztort Diztort Mizery R.O.C.   Step For Change Step For Change Coochiehead Dead Heat

West Fest

Agnostic Front @ Garden Amphitheater  10/6/18 Bands from my past and present playing together is a beautiful thing. Take Offense with their band of thrash along with Excel is a perfect fit. Other than Strife and Excel I can't think of another band from the 80's or 90's that I've seen more than Agnostic Front. Still a fun band to see live.  Agnostic Front Agnostic Front Agnostic Front Take Offense Take Offense Ignite   Ignite   Berthold City   Berthold City   Excel Excel


Terror @ 1720 9/30/18 Rad show in a very sketchy neighborhood. I kinda miss those 7th street shows now. Venue was really cool, a nice warehouse with a great stage.  Perfect line up and a show where I didn't wanna miss a single band. Honestly these shows are when I miss little Danny most, these are the bands that he loves. Hopefully he'll be down for FTC. Terror Terror Terror Harm's Way Harm's Way Backtrack Backtrack Year of the Knife Year of the Knife Candy Candy

Berthold City

Berthold City @ Programme 9/23/18 I'm glad World Be Free was added to this since I missed them last month. Nice little local show the my boss Carlos at No Echo put together. Been a fan of all Andrew's bands and it's fun watching up front for a change. Still holding out for a NATAS show though dude! Berthold City Berthold City Berthold City World Be Free World Be Free World Be Free R.O.C. Sacred Fire Heat

Generacion Suicida

Generacion Suicida @ Redwood Bar 9/22/18 Love trying to get in as many bands in as possible in a night out. After Forced Order drove out to LA just in time to catch another favorite of mine, Generacion Suicida. Forced Order I was dodging stagedives and here at a bar I was trying to dodge the beer flying from the pit.  Generacion Suicida Generacion Suicida Generacion Suicida Generacion Suicida Generacion Suicida Generacion Suicida Generacion Suicida Generacion Suicida Generacion Suicida Generacion Suicida