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Horror Epics

Horror Epics @ Bronson Bar 5/3/12

London May (Samhain) and Wes Eisold (Cold Cave) did a DJ set at the Bronson Bar last night to raise money for the Los Angeles Food Bank. A night full of punk and goth... bummed I didn't hear any Sex Gang Children. Danzig donated some items to raffle too. Comics, shirts, posters (all signed) and the grand prize - 2 tickets to the LEGACY tour date at the Verizon Amphitheater with MISFITS, SAMHAIN and DANZIG!!!

 Wes Eisold and London May
Horror Epics - Wes and London by Dan Rawe Photography

 Wes Eisold, Danny, London May

 London May

 Wes Eisold

 Wes Eisold and London May

 Raffle item (Danzig signed comic)

 Raffle bucket

 Wes Eisold and London May


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